A scent of idleness, parties and holidays, the sweet and fruity smell of summer in a tangy cocktail. We want to have sparkling eyes, dazzled by fireworks, cascades of colours, this summer we want to see the world with our children eyes!

Christina and Adelaide




Tiffany is curious by nature and has always followed the wind where he led her. Spatial design, installation art, weaving, she exploits her passion for colors in all its forms. From her perpetual questioning of the art of installation, graphic, poetic and extremely delicate works emerge.

She played the game of questions and answers and talks to us about her projects.

3 remarkable moments since you started:

-My path to installation art and spatial design began by accident, really snowballing organically into what it is today. I stumbled upon weaving and the fiber arts in the thick of graduating college 5 years ago. Always being a creative individual that needed an outlet, I decided on a whim to order my first loom and dive rather blindly into the unknown. At that time, I really had no idea how deeply consumed or enamored I’d become with the craft, nor the influence it’d have on my life's path. I had shared a photo (on social media) of the first piece I ever made and someone had reached out, asking if they could purchase it. I remember having this lightbulb moment where I thought, ‘I could actually do this’, and decided to put my dream out into the world. Many of my early days were spent creating fiber art and teaching weaving workshops in my community.


-When my husband and I got married in 2017, I created a 6ft. x 6ft. tapestry (my largest piece yet) for our wedding backdrop. Having been 'bitten' by the bug of working at the large scale, I really consider this the beginning of my journey into installation art. During that time, people began to commission wedding backdrops from me and with my husband Aaron's background in woodworking, we began to partner together creating works that were an indistinguishable blend of both my design and creative direction and his fabrication and craftsmanship.


-Although fiber art began as my forte and first love, these days I am often exploring a number of different mediums in my process, relentlessly chasing my curiosities wherever they lead. With humble beginnings creating pieces from our backyard in San Diego, we are incredibly grateful to have since grown, creating artworks from our live/work artist loft studio in the Bay Area. My focused areas of practice continue to evolve through the years, now concentrating more heavily on large scale installation art, murals, and spatial design, creating artworks for companies, hotels, galleries, and individuals. More recently, I've begun exploring creative direction and digital artwork, working with larger brands such as Madewell, Atelier Cologne, and the Ritz Carlton. Having always been interested in the challenges that come from trying new things, it’s during these uncharted times especially that as an artist it's felt important to remain open minded about my process and I'm looking forward to all that's in-store.


3 sources of inspiration:

I am most inspired by color theory and exploration, constantly dreaming and scheming about color to find new palettes and combinations that inspire. One of my deepest desires has always been to share with others how see I the world, and I am constantly searching for new ways to express myself. Beyond visual art alone, I feel most charged creatively when I'm painting, cooking, reading, visiting museums that inspire, taking photographs, and writing poetry. Having a partner in both life and in business that is also an artist has been a tremendous source of stretching and growth for me creatively, as he's always challenging me to look at things from a different angle that I hadn't thought of before.


3 words that would define your style:

Expressive, Vivid, and Meaningful


3 projects / dreams / desires for the future:

I have recently been working on a personal project that is a composite of some of my film photographs, paintings, and poetry. To date, I have been slow to share my writings and images with others as this has been a very personal part of my process. Where my work has become relatively well-known for it's colorful commercial quality, I hope to continue narrowing my practice in establishing myself as more of a fine artist. I have dreams of exhibitioning my work both in print and in galleries (one day!) and hope to grow more confident in sharing these facets of my work in the future.


3 places to find your work:

My work can be found on my website at, on social media @tiffanylusteg, and most recently published on Domino's design blog at Feel free to email me at for more information.


The very stylish Black Machine caravan travels the roads of France to ambience weddings with its integrated sound and lighting system.

Jean-Charles and Adrien make you dance to the sound of their eclectic and cutting-edge vinyl collection. Here is a small overview that will waddle you, wherever you are!

Click on the image to listen to the playlist!






Each month, we will ask one of our former brides to tell us how she lived the organization of her wedding, her love story, she will also share with us her fondest memories and the advice she could give to future brides, because we know how precious they can be.

For this month of July, it is the beautiful Marie who gave herself up and who tells us..

Your Love Story

Tell us about your meeting, where it all started ...


Iñaki and I met during our studies in engineering school in Nancy. I had a real crush the first time I saw him (and I was very intrigued by his first name, of Basque origin for info! ). It is only a year later during the Bayonne celebrations that we take the plunge and that our love story really begins! After that we never left each other and moved to Melbourne together, then to Bordeaux, to Marmande and finally to Marseille (my hometown).

And it is therefore quite natural that 7 years later he asked me to marry him and I said yes!


Your moodboard

What was the color palette for your wedding, your decorative inspirations?


The emblematic color of our wedding was green. We fell in love with the Bastide de Toursainte, a Provencal farmhouse nestled on the heights of Marseille, and loved to think of all our elements of decoration for this magical place! That spring it had rained a lot, everything was so beautifully green and flowery on June 23: perfect for our bucolic theme! ☺

With my mom we spent whole days making macramés, making dreamcatchers, picking up placemats and then dyeing them in shades of green, composing terrariums, fixing lace on glass pots to create tealight holders, to sew liberty ribbons on the guests' boater… Iñaki designed our announcement as well as all the other graphic elements of our D-day! I lived the preparation of our marriage as a multitude of moments of happiness, complicity and sharing!


Your dress

How did you live your experience with us, how did you choose the dress?


I had tried several dresses with other designers before landing at your place ... But when I arrived it was magic: it was exactly my world and I had the impression that I would be happy to wear any dress from the showroom!

I finally chose the Jade dress, which we modified a little to my taste: waist a little higher, high closer to the body, no train ... I even could add as a belt a ribbon embroidered with flowers mottled in Budapest!

I had the chance to do the fittings with my best friend (and witness) as well as with my mom: it was exceptional.

And I loved the advice and support of the team throughout the creation of the dress!


Your song

The song that instantly reminds you of your marriage, your love?


The song that reminds me of our marriage and our history is "Canopée" by Polo & Pan: it talks about love, nature, lush vegetation but above all simplicity. It also sends me back to our trip to Costa Rica the year we decided to get married.


Your memory

What is the best memory of your wedding?


The most beautiful memory of our marriage is for me leaving the church because it was really a moment of pure happiness: we are hand in hand in the middle of lots of people we love!

"Wild jungle opens your arms, it takes little for you and me"


Your advice / tip

What advice would you give to future brides?

The advice I will give to make the most of your day is to plan everything well and communicate well with the various providers in advance so that you can completely let go on D-Day and let yourself be carried away!


Your providers

Which providers did you choose for your wedding?

We chose the following providers:

- Caterer: Marrou @marrou_traiteur for its history in Marseille (my grandmother was passionate about Marrou's ravioli)

- Photographer: Phan Tien @phantienphotography for his incomparable moody style and his kindness - Lights (and tents): Provence Reception @provencereception for his professionalism

- DJ: Mr. Michel (Activist Music) for his listening and his style: we were really on the same wavelength! :)

- Florist: Le Gypso @le_gypso for his patience and creativity (thank you Linda!)


Marie is passionate about healthy cooking, here is her instagram:






As a pure-born Californian, Sofia Gonzalez has learned to use all that the majestic nature of her native land brings her and draws inspiration from it in a thousand ways in her work with textiles and natural dyeing techniques. Having  graduated from the Royal College of Arts in San Francisco, her work has already been exhibited in many places in the United States.

The talented Sofia shares with us, for this July newsletter, the tutorial of one of her natural dyes.







Save avocado skins and pits by freezing the waste matter from dinner for a later dye bath.
Avocado skins and pits are high in tannin and create soft pinks to browns. Experiment with
adding an iron modifier to shift the color to charcoal greys and purples. If you choose to freeze
your avocados for storage, be sure to clean them before freezing to avoid food bits in your dye

What you need:

Stainless steel pot
4-5 Avocado pits and skins (rinsed thoroughly!)
Natural fiber (cotton, silk, linen, for example – an old white cotton t-shirt will work great!)

1. After filling a stainless steel pot with enough water to cover your fabric, place pot on a
burner and bring to a simmer. Place skin and pit of 4-5 avocados for every 2 cups of water for a
saturated bath. The more avocado pits, the better! You can also soak your pits and skins in
water overnight to achieve a darker shade.

2. Allow plant material to boil for at least 45 minutes. The avocado pits will crack open when
the dye is ready. While your plant material is coming to a boil, soak your fabric in water with a
drop of pH-neutral soap.

3. Strain plant matter (avocado skins and pits) using a hand held strainer and remove from the

4. Add presoaked material. Let fibers simmer gently for up to one hour or until desired color is
reach. Remember the shade in the dye bath will be darker than your fabric post rinse.

5. Rinse dyed materials with pH neutral soap. Hang to dry. To wash in the future, wash with like
colors on cold and lay flat to dry.






Each month, you will find in our newsletter a palette of colors created for you by a professional, creative in the wedding world, textile designer, inspiring people with whom we like to work.

It's Jill Fausner, florist and creator of the Modern Love Event, a very beautiful wedding festival in California, who shares with us her colors of the moment.


"We love the palette because it feels like summer. Nothing beats those show stopping Coral Charm Peony with their bright pink color. From there we love to pair the pinks with peach to soften things up and also because it brings that summery feeling.  Lastly, the Blue Bella Donna is in their for major contrast. They’re unexpected which make them all the more fun! This is a palette that really speaks to us... hopefully you enjoy it as well! "

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