The summer is soon there as to mark the return to real life in the most beautiful way.  We want laughs, sharing, colors, effusion and a profusion of good vibes. We will start with the Listen section this month to fully appreciate this June newsletter, an ode to love, beauty and fullness! Enjoy!

Christina and Adelaide


Music lovers and lovers at all, it is Vincent de Dance Police and Chloé Lapeyssonnie who concocted the Playlist of Love for this month of June. 
In 2014, after more than 10 years dedicated to music as a guitarist and DJ, Vincent launches Dance Police to move newly weds and their guests with style and Chloé was a concert photographer before tackling weddings with a great talent too!
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Designer, photographer, obsessed with colors, Julie Lansom gravitates in an incredible universe. Artist and crafts(wo)man, she creates, in her parisian workshop, beautiful lamps painted and woven by hand, real piecess of art with a geometric and wired structure.

She played the question / answer game and tell us about her projects.

3 remarkable moments since you started:

Creation of my first Sputnik lamp in 2014 then everything went quickly and there were thousands of memorable moments and incredible and unforgettable events! Each magazine issue, each new client remains an event for me, I'm still not used to it and don't take anything for granted!


3 sources of inspiration:

Shapes, colors, silhouettes.


3 words that would define your style:

Impossible for me to define it!


3 projects / dreams / desires for the future:

I plan to return to live in the South of France, where I come from, in a few years. I am working on my ceramic collection, which I will soon enlarge, I am very impatient. I also hope to soon release blown glass objects and a line of organic cotton underwear with my brand Épi Studio.


3 places to find your work:

@julielansom and @epi_studio on instagram




Each month, we will ask one of our former brides to tell us how she lived the organization of her wedding, her love story, she will also share with us her fondest memories and the advice she could give to future brides, because we know how precious they can be.

For this month of June, it is the sparkling Anna who share her recollections.

Your Love Story

Tell us about how and when you first met...

Matt and I first met when I attended an acting class another friend of mine was in and I saw Matt perform on stage.

When we shook hands I thought it was funny because he shook with both hands like a politician hoping for your vote. We became friends first but I always had a crush on him.

One night a group of us went to The Red Lion pub in the Silverlake neighborhood in Los Angeles. It was raining that night and I couldn't figure out if Matt was picking up the vibes I was throwing his way. Then he spilled a martini all over himself and the table and he blushed and got really embarrassed.

It was then that I fell in love with him and knew I had a shot. We dated for 4 years before he proposed and I'm glad we took it slow. I really needed to be convinced that I knew him well enough and that I could trust him. He proposed in the snowy street on New Years Eve in Beaver, Utah. No one was around and all the Christmas decorations were still up.


Your moodboard

What was the color palette of your wedding, your decorative inspirations?

We didn't want a big wedding and we wanted it to feel laid back but classy. That is why I got a dress from Christina. The gown she made me was understated, unique and elegant.

When I was planning the wedding I imagined all sorts of perfect flower arrangements, amazing dishes, taper candles etc. But when it came down to it the bridesmaids dresses were hot pink instead of peach, the flowers were not my favorite and I was breaking out like a teenager.

But none of that mattered because we hired an incredible country band, a friend taught us line dancing, my best friend sang a song dedicated to me with the band as back up. My parents made beautiful speeches, we ate apple pie, we sat under oak trees and pine trees and Matt looked so happy. If I had it to do over the only thing I would have done differently is not try so hard to make it perfect and just trust my own taste. It is a day to honor your relationship and to share your life with the people you love.


Your dress

How did you live your experience with us, how did you choose the dress?

Oh the dress was gorgeous! I got many compliments on it of course. My husband thought it was really classy which he loved.


Your song

The song that instantly reminds you of your wedding, your love?

Tennessee Whiskey by Chris Stapleton


Your memory

What is the fondest memory of your wedding?

Line Dancing with my new husband and my best friends. Dancing with my dad. The end of the night getting back to our cabin looking at each other and realizing we are husband and wife.


Your advice / tip

What advice would you give to future brides?

Oh my gosh, PLEASE don't take the fun out of the experience by trying to make it (or trying to be) perfect. Splurge on what matters to you (for us it was having a good band and going on a honeymoon). I also wish I would have had someone video tape some of the day


Your providers

Which providers did you choose for your wedding?

Photographer: Rad & In Love

Venue: Pine Hills Lodge

Band: Nitro Express