Newsletter May 2020


We chose a strange time to launch our first newsletter, a moment filled with uncertainties, questions about the future, fears of today and tomorrow, a strange parenthesis.

This parenthesis is also and above all a cocoon, a cocoon of love, of essentials, of ties that have never been as strong as during these "today" that follow and repeat themselves.

We refocus, we listen to each other, have taken the time to nourish our mind and our body.

This is why we hope that this new monthly newsletter will please you, will inspire you in your daily life, in your desires as a woman, a mom, a future bride.

Christina and Adelaide




For our first column "Inspiration", we immediately thought of the work of the girls of Franca Atelier and their authentic and modern ceramic creations for which we had a big crush. A little chauvinistic for this first, we have to admit, France and Caroline are playing at home, under our beautiful Marseille sun. They agreed to answer our questions, tell us about their beginnings, their inspirations and their projects.

3 key moments since the creation of Franca Atelier:

Our friend and designer Francois Champsaur offered us six ceramic courses with his
mother Maggy Champsaur, a ceramicist from Marseille. This gift was the key trigger in
Francas launch and the most important for both of us. For a year, we took evening
classes with Maggy. This is when France graduated with a ceramic decoration diploma.
The second highlight was our very first order, about sixty plates for the "Café Bohème", a very nice restaurant in a small fishing port, located in La Capte next to Hyères.
We designed unique plates, each one different from the other, accompanied with
vintage doilies that we found in markets in Corsica.
The third highlight is the renovation and installation of our workshop in Saint Just, in
Marseille. It’s a small cottage, with a garden, where we could finally buy and set-up our
own kiln.


3 sources of inspiration:

Our Corsican origins, our travels, nature, our encounters, architecture and design. For
example our ‘Jules and Jim’ vase was inspired by a 1920’s railing. We could'nt limit ourselves to 3... sorry😉


3 words that would define your style:

Motley, Warm, Natural


3 projects / dreams / desires for the future:

Inspiring partnerships with other visual artists, brands or photographers.
A residence in a foreign country for a few days with fellow ceramists.
Exclusive collections for a hotel or a restaurant.


3 places to find your work:

So far, we have decided to sell our creations without intermediaries, as a way to
privilege direct contact with our customers. It’s important for us to share our know-how, the history of each piece and to let our customers get to know and discover our
workshop. We are planning to organise pop-up sales in different locations. When the
lockdown is over, we might celebrate by having a big party in the garden of our workshop, surrounded by all our friends and customers.

You can discover Caroline and France's work on their Instagram account:





Each month, we will ask one of our former brides to tell us how she lived the organization of her wedding, her love story, she will also share with us her fondest memories and the advice she could give to future brides, because we know how precious they can be.

For this month of May, it is the magnificent Sellah who played the game of questions and answers.

Your Love Story

Tell us about how and when you first met...

We met about ten years ago while we were studying. We were classmates at first, then
friends, until we fell in love. It took a little while, especially since it wasn’t obvious for me, that love was just in front of my eyes. Thinking back, I feel all that we went through was just the beginning of the road that led us to this incredible wedding day.


Your moodboard

What was the color palette of your wedding, your decorative inspirations?

To start with, we had many sources of inspirations but very different taste. However, our shared vision was a simple and welcoming marriage, as authentic as possible. We
wanted to offer our guests a breath of fresh air, surrounded by nature, outside the city
but still relatively close to Paris. We chose to get married at La Dime de Giverny. La
Dime is so beautiful that it didn't require a lot of effort to decorate - the atmosphere was already there! All we had to add was outdoor furniture for our guest, to fully enjoy the huge garden and we fitted it out with mismatched decor, to bring a bohemian touch to the classic style. Regarding the colours of our bouquet, we opted for a contrasted palette of bright colors, for a friendly, botanical, wild spirit.


Your dress

How did you live your experience with us, how did you choose the dress?

Christina Sfez was not my first choice, I had several designers in mind. But my first try
was with your house. I had the immense joy of having Christina with me for this fitting.
And I fell in love with his creations and his personality. I had to do other fittings ...
nothing to do! I had found the designer who met all my expectations. I relied on my
intuition: it was simple I had never been as comfortable as with Christina. Alexandra and Anne were great and gave me a great experience. Thank you again! I've never felt so beautiful.


Your song

The song that instantly reminds you of your wedding, your love?

Theo Lawrence & The Hearts - Heaven To Me


Your memory

What is the fondest memory of your wedding?

There are so many! But the most striking moments remain:
- when I put on my dress with my mother and my witnesses
- when I found my father with my dress (I burst into tears)
- when my father brought me to the altar
- our lay ceremony of which my older brother was the officiant


Your advice / tip

What advice would you give to future brides?

Get your witnesses involved, don't hesitate to give them "missions" especially on D-Day.
We had chosen to prepare everything upstream so that everything would be easiest for
them on D-Day. And sincerely we did not manage anything, they took care of all the
unfolding that we had prepared for them which allowed us to live fully this day without
having to think about the organization.


Your providers

Which providers did you choose for your wedding?

- Reception location: La Dime de Giverny

- Photographer: David Latour

- Videographer: Less is more

- Florist: Atelier Aimer

- DJ: Prosper

- Furniture: Artis

- Caterer: Erisay

- The Wedding Dress: Christina Sfez

- Shoes: flordeasoka

- MUA marriage: Close friend of the bride

- Bridal earrings: This Ilk

- Bride's suit: Blandin & Delloye

- Alliances: Paulette à Bicyclette


For this first playlist, Christina wanted to revive pretty memories and asked Monsieur Sept, the DJ she had chosen for the evening of her wedding, to create a selection of 10 songs for us.

Monsieur Sept mixes custom-made eclectic playlists on vinyl turntables, from the ceremony to the cocktail party to the dance party.

Click on the image and enjoy!





These are your little chicks who will benefit from this first "Create" section! The illustrator and textile designer Pascaline Floch, whom we love, imagined for the kids 3 superb illustrations to color, glue, paint ... We will be happy to see your masterpieces!





Each month, you will find in our newsletter a palette of colors created for you by a professional, creative from the wedding world, textile designer, inspiring people with whom we like to work.

For this month of May, Janelle from Tono and Co, based in San Diego, California, passionate about colors and expert in dyeing on silk, has done the exercise.


"I would love to have a wedding in this palette. It is a unique color story with a bold but feminine touch.Everyone avoids the Purple, but I think paired with the Rusty Rose Gold tones, it really gives purple a come back. "

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